Sunday, June 9, 2013


"But you spoke of her like she was the most beautiful, statuesque woman you had ever laid eyes on. I envisioned her to be towering and perfectly proportioned with flowing locks and these mesmerizing bedroom eyes in a shade of grey that is uncanny."

"She is none of those things, except the most beautiful woman that my eyes have had the pleasure of encountering. No more than 5'5 and a little fuller than your average with short, anything but flowing, curls. Delectable almond eyes in your everyday shade of brown. But it was more than just that; there was a fire, a sadness, behind those chocolate irises. Something so hypnotizing and captivating about this woman. Unannounced and often subtle, a beauty, oh believe me, a beauty she was and is. Not all of the world could see her beauty, but the few that did, man were we the lucky ones. And that's how you know she's a beautiful woman; because you never look at any other female the same after her."

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Remedy

Is anyone ever really cured? Will I always be the slightly suicidal, overly emotional, codependent yet insistently dependent girl who's a little unsure and entirely too certain? Will you always be the obsessive compulsive alcoholic who insists that she's cured but drowns her sorrows at the bottom of a cheap bottle of vodka? Is there really any cure for life or this constant self inflicted pain? What about the demons inside of us? Can we ever kill them, or are we only feeding their never ending hunger?