Monday, March 28, 2011

Army Allure

Want to hear a little story? Well I suppose you don't really have a choice now do you? Once upon a time, I was a mini-diva with a blonde bob, a feather boa draped around my neck, and plastic heels confined to my feet. Then there was my brother; the pyromaniac child who would throw those little army green toy soldiers into the family bon fires while enthusiastically chanting "Die, die, die!" And then one day, with the inspiration of my brother (and designer Balmain), I realized that his days of scorching toy soldiers was a superb muse for a very androgynous and marvelous outfit.
For a while, I have been openly addicted to the military trend that consumes every glossy page of magazines the bible. Every time I see a picture of a military inspired editorial, or just a page that I feel is reminiscent of the army, my first instinct is to tear it out and store it in my nightstand drawer for safe-keeping. You should just see how many tear-outs I have stashed in that drawer, it's kind of sickening. It's gotten to the point where it is so bad, that I feel kind of like a pre-pubescent boy hiding nuddie magazines. But back to the military look- it evokes strength, power, dignity, and let's admit it, makes even the daintiest woman, look certifiably bad ass. But I'm not referring to just throwing on a pair of leather boots with any ordinary dress, which just so happens to be another one of my never ending addictions. I'm talking about the full blown military inspired pieces, with the endless army green, the structured jackets, and then comes the leather in any form; boots, leggings, shorts.
For my outfit, I meshed my brother and I's childhood personas, combining his toy soldier state of mind, with my diva-ness, which translated in my opinion, fabulously. I donned a silver sequin dress with an army green mid thigh length jacket, tall leather boots, and then as usual, piled on the over sized rings. I was expecting witty little comments from my classmates about looking like a military Barbie doll, which I would have gladly accepted, but surprisingly, they all responded very well to the look. For some odd reason, all day I sort of felt like a confused gay guy; he knows that he is gay and just wants to frolic around in sequins while dispersing glitter, but for the sake of concealing his true identity, must wear masculine coats and speak in a low tone. Maybe that's why I loved the look so much..I'm not really sure though. All I know is that I am thirsting for some more military staples, the one jacket and leather boots, is just not cutting it!

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