Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Intentions

Just kiss me goodbye and be on your way, it’s the easiest solution for these cruel games I play. I make them fall and swoon, and then I flee. A jester, at best, is what I make them to be. But who am I to do so? As I’m a mere peasant, or worse, a thief..a criminal. I’m no better, matter of fact, I am far below. Subjected to the pillory for good intent, but shameful execution of my heart’s aim. But it’s all for the sake and protection of myself; my emotions are the ones to blame. A heart twice my body isn’t an easy organ to possess. It weighs heavy on my head, heavy on my chest. You see, those with the biggest hearts hurt others the most because it takes triple the love to repair the damage. Only they are capable of being so destructive to someone they love, and not only bandage the wound, but heal it entirely.

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