Friday, February 17, 2012

You Win None, You Lose None

Why is it that hypocrisy is the most distinct foundation for everyone’s life? Disagree all you want, but then that will just make you fall under that category even more. We’re told to let our feelings out, open up, break down those walls we spend our whole life building up, and the second we do, we are ridiculed, slaughtered and served for supper. The instant we put our personal issues and struggles out there, we are suddenly classified as whiny, self-absorbed, selfish individuals. And isn’t society always telling us to love ourselves because we’re beautiful just the way we are? The queen herself has even embedded into millions of little monsters’ heads that they were “Born This Way.” Yet, once one prances around with pride and refers to their self as, gasp, beautiful, it’s an abomination! How dare someone actually possess confidence and acquire self-fulfillment? Society depicts the perfect person as accessible, yet still defensive; humble, yet still secure. But in actuality, we’re all stuck in a lose-lose rut.

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